Introducing Lori Chau

Lori is an individual and couples relationship counsellor. Since 2013, Lori has been helping individuals and couples with relationship issues. She specializes in helping couples experiencing communication breakdown and helps couples acquire the tools they need for effective communication in their relationship. She also works with individuals who are experiencing relationship issues and those who want to work on improving their own communication skills in relationships.


Couples Counselling

Gottman Method Couples Counselling

Learn proven tools for conflict management and effective communication to confidently navigate difficult or sensitive topics of discussion

  • For couples experiencing conflict
  • For couples who fight over the same issues repeatedly
  • For couples who want to learn conflict prevention tools
  •  For pre-marital and dating couples

Individual Counselling

Online and In-Person Individual Counselling

Get the support you need to work through individual relationship issues and work on personal growth. Through one-on-one counselling, take a deep dive into healing emotional wounds and work through anxieties, worries or stress.

  • For working through anxiety, stress or worries
  • For working through a break-up
  •  For individually working through a separation
  • For working on personal growth

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