Counselling Services in Hong Kong


For Couples


For Individuals


Do you sometimes feel frustrated at your partner not understanding you?
Do you sometimes feel like you’re revisiting issues that just don’t get resolved?
Do you sometimes feel helpless in your relationship?


Are you going through a difficult situation that is hard for you to talk about with friends and family?
Does it seem like opinions and advice just doesn’t help you solve what you need your issue?
Successful relationships take a lot of hard work. Couples sometimes find themselves slowly drifting apart from each other’s worlds and when conflicts are part of the equation, it can cause a lot of emotional injuries and stresses making one feel alone in the relationship and hopeless in the situation.
There is help. Couples can rebuild and strengthen their relationship and I am here to guide you in that process. Clients have described this process as a deeper understanding of their vulnerabilities and learned how to appreciate of their relationship’s strengths.
It may feel like you are going through the problem alone and without the right support. The stress keeps piling up and you feel like you are losing control. Whether it’s anxiety or sadness; family, relationship or personal growth issues, talking to a professional can help.
You may want to find help processing why you are experiencing a range of emotions, clarify foggy situations, see from different perspectives or learn helpful and effective life-balancing strategies.

Sessions can help…..

Couples to:

  • keep your relationship alive
  • deepen your friendship and intimacy
  • “talk” through and resolve your issues
  • understand each others’ needs
  • understand the changes in each others’ internal worlds
  • learn the art of listening

Individuals to:

  • Be in control of your thoughts and feelings
  • Gain emotional freedom
  • Enhance relationships with family and partner
  • Gain happiness from within
  • Learn how to love yourself and give priority to that
  • Learn how to voice your needs 

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